Sunday, 19 July 2009

New cards

Here are few cards I've made recently. As you cans ee, I'm fascinated with the StampinUp! products! :)

Saturday, 18 July 2009

After the long absence - Laura's Sketch 30 (2S4U)

I know, I know. I haven't posted anything for ages and my YouTube channel is kind of empty (although I did post one video recently, just because I had to make a card for my friend's birthay so I filmed the process and posted it on YT). But otherwise I've been quiet. There are few reasons behind it:

1. I kind of lost it for card making. I have those phases when I just don't go to my craft room for few months and then cannot stop crafting again... At this very moment I'm sitting in my little studio so I hope this is a good sign.

2. I've been ill for a while and felt sorry for myself therefore my favourite thing was to stay in bed, read my book (Sookie Stakehouse novels, love the books, hate the TV series) and playing my new toy - Nintendo DSi. BTW, did you know that I work in the computer games industry? Yes, really :)Very few women and plenty of men...just like at Uni (I studied Computer Science). Now, going back to being ill - on weekdays, in the evenings I watched TV wrapped up in the blanket (just in case you are wondering - yes, I did go to work, I generally don't do sickies unless I have a cold just because I believe there is no need to infect everyone else with my germs) and on weekends it was by book and my games.

3. I wanted to spend more time with my partner. Crafting takes a lot of time and we kind of stopped seeing each other in the evenings even though we live together! ;)

But I'm back, at least for now. And Germaine, if you read this - I'm really sorry for being so late with replying to your emails, I know I've been useless but I hope you forgive me and I can still join the craft club :)

So anyway! Here is my card for this weeks sketch at 2 Sketches 4 You. I hope you like it!