Sunday, 25 July 2010

Missing in action?

I have been very much absent from both YT and my blog. I'm going through the phase when I just can't dedicate enough time for crafting so I left it be for the time being...but I do miss my craft room and the process of creating something new...

Anyway, just to let you know my dear friends - I am still here. I have just come back from the holiday, it was trully great. Here is a picture from the resort in Cyprus where we stayed.

I will be back soo, promise :)


Saturday, 13 March 2010

A card for sorrow...

One of my friends is going through a very difficult time. I have been thinking long and hard about a card I could make for her. I thought it should be very, very simple as I didn't feel that bows or lots of embelishments would be appropriate. In the end I came up with this card...

Friday, 19 February 2010

2S4Y - Kazan's Sketch 46 - Love and bugs

Horrible Friday. I keep worrying about things and instead of relaxing on my day off I just go over and over everything in my head... Good job crafting room is always so welcoming and I can find my refuge there.

Here is the fruit of today's labour - card based on Kazan's sketch from 2 Sketches 4 You. When I saw Kazan's card I was instantly inspired! It was so playful and colorful. I also thought it will be the perfect opportunity to use the bug stamp set from"Ugly Bugs". I have picked this one up on one of the craft shows several months ago and have not used it once.

Other supplies are Cosmo Cricket paper from the "Earth Love" mini deck and a bit of lovely but recycled ribbon!

And now I will go downstairs, have a cuddle with my other half and watch a movie. Cause after all there is nothing like "love and bugs"! :)

Saturday, 13 February 2010

2S4Y - Laura's Sketch 45

It is the end of the day and I felt inspired - so here is my sketch interpretation! Now off to bed :)

PS. shame I haven't thought about creating this card slightly earlier - I hate taking pictures in the evening, they never look as good as the ones taken with the naural light.

PS2. I've added new picture in the natural light :) Much better! :)

For Him

I have been with my partner for 3 years, feels like forever. Anyway, my point being - I have made a lot of cards for men recently, mainly orders for work but also personal Valentine's Day orders. On top of this Mark, my partner, had his birthday recently and V Day is coming so had to make cards for him as well.

I have realised that making cards for men is nto that difficult! the only thing is - keep it simple, refrain from adding ribbon (especially bows), lace, decorative punches and pink :)

So here are Mark's cards, blue for bday and red for V Day tomorrow:


What a beginning of the year...I didn’t have a minute for myself as work has been incredibly busy, my craft room was cold and lonely when I opened the door from time to time. It is getting better now though and I have been crafting every evening trying to fulfil the Valentine's Day orders. I have also finalised the postcard making competitions, congratulations Legojenta! Hope you will love your goodies :)

Apart from that, my little family made of my partner and me has just got a new member - cat Milly. I have found her under the bridge, cold and hungry and since people who were passing by said she was there for days I ended up adopting her. She is gorgeous!