Saturday, 13 February 2010


What a beginning of the year...I didn’t have a minute for myself as work has been incredibly busy, my craft room was cold and lonely when I opened the door from time to time. It is getting better now though and I have been crafting every evening trying to fulfil the Valentine's Day orders. I have also finalised the postcard making competitions, congratulations Legojenta! Hope you will love your goodies :)

Apart from that, my little family made of my partner and me has just got a new member - cat Milly. I have found her under the bridge, cold and hungry and since people who were passing by said she was there for days I ended up adopting her. She is gorgeous!


  1. What a cute kitty! I'm still waiting on my package, maybe it has gotten lost in the mail? I certainly hope not,- as I'm really looking forward to seeing what you put in there =) Oh, I came to wonder if you have any sort of number that the package you sent me has on it, which you can use to track the pacakge online? We have that kind of number on some packages here in Norway, so that you can check where the package is online... If you do have anything like that, could you possibly check to see where the package is?

  2. What a sweet, lovely kitty. Great you adopted her is so sad to see little furry animals like cats and dogs wondering lonely in the streets.